Artist Catalogue

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Artist Catalogue Review At Stadium Club D.C.

Artist Catalogue Process

Our artist catalogue is curated by industry professionals. We hand-select our team based on their extensive hours of experiential and engagement marketing. We have both a field research team, and an in-house focus group response team. Measuring both engagement and absorption is vital to selecting and supporting our brand partnerships. Partner with Music Sync Shop and get your music pitched for movies, television commercials and video games.

Our Agency

If you are seeking to partner with our agency us as a curator to help us expand our artist catalogue, let us know. We are often seeking to increase our team of eclectic music aficionados and we want to hear from you. Visit our Contact Us page and drop us a line.

If you are an artist, and you own the rights to your music you can submit your songs for review. If you make it through the first round of our screening process, someone will reach out to you. We will need some information about you and your songs before we draft any paperwork, so be ready to interview with a few people from our team.

The Music Supervisor

You never know what an advertising company or film producer is looking for, so never doubt your art. Just upload your best song to our system and we will do the rest. We work with Music Supervisors whose main tasks are to select music and licensing it for certain projects. These folks provide the music to the director that is able to evoke feelings on screen. The best Music Supervisors are capable of helping directors realize their artistic vision. Some Music Supervisors can oversees all of the creative and business aspects of the music for a project in its entirety.

When a film executive needs music for certain scenes or when a game design house hires a music / sound supervisor, they issue us a brief. A brief tells us what they are looking for, and that’s when we send them your songs.