DJ Lingo

DJ Lingo PhotoDJ Lingo has been at the heart of music and nightlife for over half his life. His love and passion for music and media started out in high school selling the latest CDs and introducing his followers to new talent he deemed “hot”. Early on he began honing the craft of DJing for friends and family at events. Continuously he adding to his resume by providing entertainment for boat tours and house parties.  Eventually getting enough recognition to begin his career as a nightclub DJ and nightlife brand.

He came into his name “DJ Lingo” from simply being able to connect to all ages and audiences, therefore knowing the “lingo.” Lingo is no stranger to local artists and his style is not limited to any one genre as he digs deep for music of every genre including hip hop, soca, house, soul and more. He is working towards being able to perfect his craft & take his national brand, global someday.