DJ Rok

DJ RokIn a city that seems to be filled with transformations, condominiums, and ever changing demographics, some things will always be the same. The District’s inherent love for a contagious, vibrant, and distinct nightlife is one of them. This culture can only be executed at its best by natives like DJ Rok. Born in July of the late 80’s, DJ Rok was raised by the DC that was then known as “Chocolate City” and an emergence of hip-hop’s magic that would soon permeate headphones around the country. DJ Rok finds his love for the turntables in the people of the crowd singing along and dancing to his mixes with facial expressions that wish the night to be never-ending. On a regular Friday or Saturday night, he can be found at Bar 7, Pure Lounge, Vita Lounge, Lux Lounge, and Heaven or Hell Nightclub to name a few. As he ventures through venues and fills them with music, he works to add his name to the list of legendary DJs, mixing hits at a club near you.