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What Does A Music Sync Licensing Agency Do?

What makes our Music Sync Licensing Agency different? We are engaged in the process of actively seeking placements for our artist catalogue. Above all, our team views music as both our career and lifestyle.  Consequently, our agency helps thousands of artists further their careers. In special cases we offer a full service suite for independent artists. Because we treat our artist catalogue portfolio as in-house brands the full-service creates a valuable partnership as our “priority placements”. Because most young independent artists don’t often see the “career-side” of the music industry, we help them to position their artistic value. Ultimately, we help them to navigate this unique and fast-changing landscape.

Founder’s Quote

“I understand the Independent Artist, Because I am the Independent Artist. In 2001 I was offered a “record deal”. I was invited on to be a project as an artist, and to record for a well-known producer. Project budget was guaranteed, with major worldwide distribution. I read over the contract, didn’t want to sacrifice my artistic value and turned down the agreement. It was the best career choice I ever made.”

Eugene O. Smith


Operations of the traditional record label have become archaic. Consequently, a new era in music is emerging. The new age gives authority to the Music Sync Licensing Agency. This revolution is commanded by a decentralized landscape of independent artists controlling their own careers. This is an exciting time to be in the music industry, the entire system is being reconstructed. Unfortunately, some things never change, like how the major labels are still viciously trying to restrict the access to resources. Unfortunately, his is the case in any industry humanity has ever known, however music is special.

Moreover, here at Music Sync Shop our colleagues have to believe that music is special, or we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. We want to protect the artistry, so we go where the majors cannot. We want to make the artists rich beyond their wildest dreams, because we are their partners. This philosophy is ingrained into each person and company we are affiliated with. Our Artist-Forward approach is why our clients have a fighting chance in not just sync licensing, but the entire entertainment industry.

Synchronization License

A synchronization license is the agreement between a music user and the owner of a copyrighted work. The contract grants the music user permission to use the song usually in a video format. These Synchronization Rights commonly called Synch Rights, can extend to television, webcasting, major events, video games and apps.

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